Press Releases

Babbai an official member of NSCC

Bergen, Norway, December 13, 2022 - Baristas AS ("babbai") announced that they are now a member of the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC).

NSCC is a collaborative platform for companies, municipalities, hospitals, public organizations, user organizations, academia/R&D institutions, and investors. Together with NSCC, babbai will develop sustainable health solutions for the future. NSCC's vision is to create impact through smart care solutions, and our purpose is to strengthen the Norwegian health industry by promoting sustainable solutions that improve the lives of users and provide cost-effective, quality-assured health and care services.

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC) is an ARENA PRO cluster in the national cluster program with more than 250 members.

Babbai begins pre-production of MVP

Bergen, Norway, September 15, 2022 - Baristas AS ("babbai") announced today that the pre-production of the prototype (MVP) is underway. When finalized, all necessary functionality will be fully operational.